(mongodb >=1.0.0)

MongoDB\Driver\Server::executeQueryExecute a database query on this server


final public MongoDB\Driver\Server::executeQuery ( string $namespace , MongoDB\Driver\Query $query [, array $options = array() ] ) : MongoDB\Driver\Cursor

Executes the query on this server.

Hinweis: The "readPreference" option does not control the server to which the driver issues the operation; it will always be executed on this server object. Instead, it may be used when issuing the operation to a secondary (from a replica set connection, not standalone) or mongos node to ensure that the driver sets the wire protocol accordingly or adds the read preference to the operation, respectively.



A fully qualified namespace (databaseName.collectionName)

query (MongoDB\Driver\Query)

The query to execute.


Option Type Description
readPreference MongoDB\Driver\ReadPreference

A read preference to use for selecting a server for the operation.

session MongoDB\Driver\Session

A session to associate with the operation.


Returns MongoDB\Driver\Cursor on success.


  • Throws MongoDB\Driver\AuthenticationException if authentication is needed and fails
  • Throws MongoDB\Driver\ConnectionException if connection to the server fails for other then authentication reasons
  • Throws MongoDB\Driver\Exception\RuntimeException on other errors (e.g. invalid query operators).


Version Beschreibung
1.4.0 The third parameter is now an options array. For backwards compatibility, this paramater will still accept a MongoDB\Driver\ReadPreference object.