DataTable - Paginator Pagination is enabled by setting paginator property to true, rows attribute defines the number of rows per page and pageLinks specify the the number of page links to display.
List of Cars
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export class DataTablePaginatorDemo implements OnInit {

    cars: Car[];

    constructor(private carService: CarService) { }

    ngOnInit() {
        this.carService.getCarsMedium().then(cars => = cars);

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<p-dataTable [value]="cars" [rows]="10" [paginator]="true" [pageLinks]="3" [rowsPerPageOptions]="[5,10,20]">
    <p-header>List of Cars</p-header>
    <p-column field="vin" header="Vin"></p-column>
    <p-column field="year" header="Year"></p-column>
    <p-column field="brand" header="Brand"></p-column>
    <p-column field="color" header="Color"></p-column>
    <ng-template pTemplate="paginatorLeft">
        <button type="button" pButton icon="fa-refresh"></button>
    <ng-template pTemplate="paginatorRight">
        <button type="button" pButton icon="fa-cloud-upload"></button>