Password Password displays strength indicator for password fields.



import {PasswordModule} from 'primeng/password';

Getting Started

Password is applied to an input field with pPassword directive.

<input type="password" pPassword />

Model Binding

A model can be bound using standard ngModel directive.

<input type="password" pPassword [(ngModel)]="property"/>


Name Type Default Description
promptLabel string Please enter a password Text to prompt password entry.
weakLabel string Weak Text for a weak password.
mediumLabel string Medium Text for a medium password.
strongLabel string Strong Text for a strong password.
feedback boolean true Whether to show the strength indicator or not.


Following is the list of structural style classes, for theming classes visit theming page.

Name Element
ui-password-panel Container of password panel
ui-password-meter Meter element of password strength
ui-password-info Text to display strength



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<h3 class="first">Password</h3>
<input pPassword type="password"/>